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    Crown Construction offers exceptional home addition and extension services in Toronto and the GTA. Whether you are looking for second floor addition, extension of front yard or simply need a dormer, we have got you all covered. Book your free consultation now with our custom home builder experts at 416-524-2766

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    North York custom house Home Additions Company With Your Interest in Mind

    At Crown Constructions we offer home addition services with the expertise and resources to remodel your house entirely through building an addition at front or back of the house or to add the second floor to your bungalow house. Here are some examples of what you can achieve by remodeling your house:

    • Build the second floor on top of your bungalow house
    • Build an addition to acquire more bedrooms or bathrooms
    • Bigger kitchen with an open concept, through an addition or wall removal
    • Build on top of the garage, perfect for master bedroom and spa bathroom


    Downtown Condo Renovation 2With a focus on custom design and sustainability of our houses we strive to give you design and build that you and your family can be proud of for many years. We create outstanding design by listening to your requirements and build by precision and taking close attention to each step of the build process.  Our company also does all kinds of construction projects. We have the equipment and the manpower to construct all type of interior or exterior projects efficiently. We try to be a one-stop-shop for all design build needs, which is why we provide construction services, designs, engineering, and decorations. We can also help you acquire the permits and plans you need for the project you want to undertake. We provide our clients with free estimates with no obligations as well as guarantees on the services rendered and products used. You can expect quality workmanship from us, together with the utmost professionalism, expert advice, and several options for the solutions you seek. Our dedication and honesty will also ensure you get fair pricing and award-winning renovation and remodeling services.

    Downtown Condo Renovation 6The extensive services we provide include everything needed to complete a fully custom build house from finding the land, architectural and interior design, survey, engineering and constructing the whole house. We strive to provide simple solutions to complex problems, and we believe that it starts with making several services available in one place. Some of our services include:
    • Designs and build new custom house
    • Whole house renovations
    • Luxury kitchen and basement renovations
    • Structural, underpinning and waterproofing

    Our Home Addition process


    Getting Your Home Addition Started – Consultation

    At Crown Constructions, we start all our projects with a consultation, no matter how big or small a project. Our experts will come to your property and assess its condition before we discuss what you want us to modify. The consultation will help us understand your expectations and give us a clear understanding of your vision. The consultation also gives us the opportunity to gather information about the site and determine whether the project is feasible. At Crown Constructions, it is our goal to help clients discover a creative solution. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your dreams and desires become a reality. We seek to get it right the first time by ensuring that every project we undertake is a win-win. During the consultation stage, we will listen and ask follow-up questions to ensure that we understand your goals, plans, budget, and dreams. We will review our process with you and set expectations of what we will bring to your project. 


    Design Development for your future home additions

    Every remodeling project is unique, and that’s why we create a realistic and custom plan based on your expectations and the unique features of your home. At the design development stage, we will get into the specifics of the project. We will take space measurements and create drawings of the layout. A project flows better when everything is selected before construction commences. We will give you the chance to choose designs from our existing catalogue. We can also create new custom designs that are in line with your specifications. Sometimes, homeowners are not sure of the changes they want. Our experts will walk you through the design selection process to ensure you make the right choice. After the completion of the design process, we will give you a detailed project plan outlining your selections, ideas, colour schemes, visuals, and costs. We will involve you in the entire design development process to ensure that we capture all your expectations.


    Design Plans of Your Home Additions

    We will go through the original designs to ensure that there is no room for error. This phase involves meeting with the interior designer and the architect. Together, we will review all the plans and the drawings to ensure they meet your expectations. Before we turn the designs into a reality, we must ensure that you love them on paper. To give our clients a good idea of how the remodel will look like, we take advantage of advanced 3D renderings. This gives you a more precise view and an opportunity to make changes to the design. Our experts will provide you with a chance to explore all the options and compare different ideas. This phase is more like rehearsing how your home will look in the end. The phase is crucial because it allows you and the designers to make all the necessary changes before the project begins. When the project commences, it might be too expensive and time-consuming to make these changes.


    Commence of home addition construction

    When you approve the design plans, we will commence the construction by first demolishing the renovation site. At Crown Constructions, we understand how inconvenient a renovation or a construction project can be. At times, a remodel might feel like your home is under invasion. We will do our best to minimize the impact on the rest of your home. We will acquire all the necessary permits and have the plans approved by the local authorities. Permits and plan approvals are crucial, especially if the project involves making major changes like home extensions or whole house renovation. Our expert supervisor will monitor the project and give you a regular report on the progress. You should feel free to inform the supervisors about any issues or concerns that might arise. If necessary, we will barricade the worksite or even erect a temporary wall to avoid hazards. The supervisor will always be available to answer all your questions and update you on what to expect. 


    Your home addition project is completed

    After completion of the project, you will have an opportunity to inspect the work done. The project supervisor and manager will guide you through the process. The aim is to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with all the work done. At Crown Constructions, we aim to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. You are free to bring in an independent inspector to help you assess the work done. Our team of experts will not leave your property until we are sure that you are satisfied. Our remodeling services come with a 2-year warranty. If you find something that you would like to have fixed, we will call our standby experts to fix it immediately. Our goal is to ensure that you will continue to enjoy the new space for many years to come without any hitches. If you happen to have any issues after project completion, we are just a phone call away. 

    Credibility, Refined Process,

    Quality Workmanship

    Types of Home Additions

    Second Floor Addition

    Adding a second storey or building up is a great way to increase your living space without having to move. There are several reasons why you may not want to move from your current neighborhood. Perhaps you want to continue enjoying the sunshine or remain close to the city. Building up is always a better option than building out. Toronto has thousands of bungalows.

    In most cases, the available space might not allow you to expand your home in any other way but upwards. We can help you create more living space in your home by opening up the main floor and adding a second floor. You can have several bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor. Adding a second floor to your home has both financial and space benefits. An upward extension of your home could open up beautiful views that enhance your living experience. An upward extension could also boost your home’s value.

    Home Extension

    At times, the only way to add more space in your home is by extending your home front or back, given the maximum possible height outlined by Toronto bylaws. Unlike when adding a second floor to a bungalow, a front or back home extension does not need renovation of the entire house. Extending your home not only adds more living space but also adds significant value to your property. When planning a home extension, you have to weigh your options depending on the space available. The majority of homes have usable space at the back, making rear extensions the most popular. However, some homes have unused land to the side and the front. If you want to use the space at the rear of your home as a garden, you can extend the house to the front or the side. Ultimately, a home extension comes down to your personal preference

    Dormer Addition

    A dormer is the most affordable and less complicated home addition. Even if a dormer will need some wiring and water supply, it doesn’t conflict with the existing structure. You might be unsure if you can add a dormer to your house. Our experts at Crown Constructions will help you decide how you can use the available space. The word dormer is derived from the Latin root that gives us dormitory or a place to sleep. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to use a dormer for that purpose. You can convert your dormer into anything you want and not just a sleeping area. Often, creating a dormer involves converting the attic space at the top of a house into a usable room. The dormer window allows in natural light, which makes the room habitable and makes it appear much larger. A dormer is a perfect option if you need more space in your home but have no exterior space for home additions.

    Required documents for your future home addition

    building permit icon

    Building permit

    A building permit is formal permission to commence construction, home addition, demolition, or renovation. Our engineer will review and stamp the architectural drawings for the permit. In Toronto, construction must be within the city’s bylaws for it to be approved. The new addition/construction must also be safe to live in. Getting a building permit in Toronto could take between 15 and 20 days, depending on the size of the building. As long as the submitted documents provide the necessary information and the construction meets all the requirements, getting a permit is easy. Renovating your home without a permit could attract a hefty “work without permit” penalty. The penalty is usually 50% of the permit fees for a project or $200, whichever is higher. This is a hefty yet avoidable penalty. By choosing Crown Constructions, you can never go wrong with the permits. We will help you acquire all the necessary permits before commencing the project.

    plumbing and drain permit icon

    Plumbing and
    Drain Permit

    You will need a plumbing and drainage permit for any remodeling or home addition that involves repositioning the plumbing fixtures. Any remodeling that requires adding a kitchen or a bathroom may require a plumbing and drainage permit. Our experts will request the needed documentation for plumbing work during a second-floor addition. Some home addition projects in Toronto will not require plumbing work or extending pipes from your existing house. It is crucial to verify the local plumbing permit requirements before commencing the work. Some of the jobs that may require a plumbing permit include re-pipes, drainpipe replacements, water heater, sewer replacement, and moving the existing plumbing. A re-pipe involves changing some or all the water supply pipes, and it’s, therefore, a significant project. Any work that involves the sewer lines will probably require a permit to ensure that the safety codes are met. If we intend to make some plumbing adjustments during the remodel, we will help you get the necessary permits.

    hvac permit icon

    HVAC permit

    While adding more space into your home, you will probably interfere with or adjust the heating system. You might add new radiators or ducts in the additional space. You may also need to upgrade your boiler or the furnace system. Our mechanical engineer will provide stamped drawings of your HVAC plan indicating the heat loss calculations. The city officials will review the documents and issue a permit. The documents have to outline the layout of the mechanical system. The mechanical details that should be outlined include the type, location, and size of equipment. Duct design calculations and heat loss & heat gain calculations are also necessary. Obtaining an HVAC permit will help you avoid fines and additional costs. The role of permits is to ensure that a property meets safety and structural requirements and that all equipment is functioning properly and efficiently. Our experts at Crown Constructions will advise you whether you need an HVAC permit and help you apply for it.

    plumbing and drain permit icon


    The city of Toronto ranked particularly well in the environmental performance category. The city ranked first in North America and finished ninth worldwide. Toronto is committed to sustaining the environment and becoming a model for energy-efficient cities. While renovating an existing house in Toronto, you have to demolish it first. Older house demolitions often result in the release of dangerous substances into the environment. These substances occur in materials behind walls, mainly insulation material, lead in paint, and asbestos. You may have to obtain an environmental report before commencing the renovation project. If certain designated products are found in the lab tests, you may need remediation before the demolition. Construction and demolition wastes continue to pose serious problems in the environmental realms. The demolition wastes often harm the environment and result in an increase in energy consumption. We will help you get an environmental report if necessary.

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    Crown Constructions is one of the best home renovation companies in Toronto. We have an exceptional team of experts and all the necessary resources to help you achieve your home remodeling needs. We are experts in all forms of home remodeling and additions, including home extensions, second-floor addition, and dormer addition. We specialize in providing complete and customized home remodeling solutions. You can count on us for any form of a remodeling project on your family home or an investment project. We will hold an initial consultation to assess the project site. We have built a strong reputation in Toronto for providing affordable, standard, and luxurious home remodeling. Upon contacting us, our specialists will provide you with a set of options customized to fit your budget and your unique needs. Crown Constructions is backed up by a team of licensed architects and engineers; our engineers will review all the structural work and provide the right drawings to obtain the necessary permits.


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