Property Investment

We provide real estate and construction services in one package for our investors that will maximize the profit on spent capital.

Market Analysis

We do market study and help you target the right neighborhood based on your investment size and goals. Our team of realtors will assess the area demographic, amenities, school rating, tax; etc, to confirm the safety of investment.

Property Analysis

We are contractors and we know the house and property issues inside out. We walk the land/property and determine any issues that might increase the construction cost such as poor soil, property slope, water and public sewer connection, access to lot; etc.


We do have lenders and private alliances that are willing to help you provide the required construction fund. If you have a portion of the required capital, the rest can be financed through public and private lenders.


We are proficient in construction and we have the right crew and craftsman in our team to complete the project with highest quality and minimum cost.

Success and repeat

We are on it together, we make long lasting relationships with our investors, we do realize your success and profit is our success so we do every effort to make this a successful venture and experience that you wish to repeat again.

Unless you already have a piece of property to build on ..finding a piece of property can be the challenging part of the custom home building process…Crown Constructions will work with you to find properties within your budget and neighbourhoods that fit your wish list. As Custom Home Builders we have access to many properties not listed on the market but also work with a number of local real estate agents so we have access to homes even before they hit the market.

By working with us, we can determine if there are any issues that will affect the construction of your Custom Home or Renovation before you buy. We will determine if the property is competitively priced and if it will fit into your overall budget for the project. No sense buying a piece of property and construct and spend effort and money with no profit gained.

We will determine the building zoning, maximum size permitted for your investment home, (not always maximum size should be built on a land), design the house base on market and neighborhood research and submit drawings to obtain permit from the City.

Once construction is started, we have the required experience and skill to construct the house with our in-home team of crew and craftsman to the maximum quality and lowest cost. This is another main factor that almost guaranty the maximum profit on the project.

If you are planning to build an investment house or a family house, give us a call to schedule an appointment
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