At Crown Constructions we have the expertise and resources to remodel your house entirely through building an addition at front or back of the house or to add the second floor to your bungalow house.

Here are some examples of what you can achieve by remodeling your house:

  • Build the second floor on top of your bungalow house
  • Build an addition to acquire more bedrooms or bathrooms
  • Bigger kitchen with an open concept, through an addition or wall removal
  • Build on top of the garage, perfect for master bedroom and spa bathroom

An addition is the perfect way to create more space and change the layout of your existing home to better suit your lifestyle and family.

Our Process:

  • ConsultationMeet with our experienced team to review your home renovation needs. We want to understand your vision to bring your dream home to life. We gather the site information and project feasibility at this phase.
  • Design DevelopmentWe get into details! We draw space layout, architectural or interior drawing, interior and exterior fixtures. It’s ok if you're not sure! Our team will guide you every step of the way.
  • Final Design PlansMeet with the architect and/or interior designer to finalize and review your design drawings and plans. This will be the final stage of the design process and we want to make sure you love the finishing touches to your home.
  • Commence of ConstructionDemolition has begun, final plans approved and permits acquired…now its time to build. Your Site Supervisor will be your main point of contact on updates to the home. He/she will also be the point person for all the trades entering your home.
  • Project CompletionOur Project Manager and Site Supervisor will walk you through the home to ensure you are satisfied with the renovation or remodel. You are free to inspect our quality of work until you are satisfied to sign-off on the project. We will then present you with a 2-year warranty on our craftsmanship.