Custom Home Builders Burlington

Crown Constructions is custom home builder in Burlington and the GTA. Our mission is to provide exceptional service and build quality in all our projects. Whether it is a custom home construction, a full scale custom renovation, or a home addition, our goal is to exceed your expectations every time.


Crown Constructions is a custom home builder that takes a methodical approach when handling any type of project. We have built a good reputation over the time we have been in business as shown by our reviews and registration with some of the credible entities in Toronto.

Our ability to maintain consistency during a job is another factor that defines us. Regardless of the type or size of the project, we will deliver high standard results and treat our clients with respect while at it.

Our company is also known for the level of professionalism we provide. We start by hiring the best contractors in the industry, and we maintain that level of excellence with regular refreshment training.

Working with Crown Constructions in Burlington also means working with a company that understands what it takes to invest in a property. Whether you want renovations to add value or a first family home, you will spend a lot of money, and we’ll protect it.


We provide custom homes to residents of Burlington and the other GTA areas. We will be with you to guide you and listen to what you want as we create the concept of the building and remain attentive until it is finished. We also have proficiency in different kinds of projects, including adding new extensions to the house like a garage or another floor level. Whether you want to make your current indoor space more exciting or add more usable space outside, we are the right company to call.

We strive to be the centre of solutions for all construction needs because we want you to find the help you need as quickly as possible. That is why we specialize in everything from renovations to new builds, and we do it from the design to the clean-up phase. As part of our customer service, we will help you identify all the permits needed for your build and help you with the acquisition process. Our goal is to make the property ownership process as smooth as possible.

We give our clients the utmost dedication and expert handling. The constructions we do are top-notch, from the materials we select to the finishing touches we add.

Crown Construction understands how complicated the property ownership process can be without expert help. That is why we diversify our services to help as many people with different needs as possible. We can help you locate an ideal land to build on, create a design plan that suits your personality, do a survey of the property, and handle everything to do with the actual building from excavation to the finishing. Some of the service categories you can expect from us are:

  • Renovations
  • Repairs like underpinning and waterproofing.
  • Designing.
  • Building. 

We will give you more details about the extent of our services when you contact us.




Get the consultation for custom home build

Having a meeting with our clients is one of the most crucial steps for us. We can start with a preliminary meeting when you contact us, but we usually prefer to have in-house consultation. It allows us to get more conclusive deductions because we will be able to measure the space and know what to expect. A one-on-one meeting with you also allows us to understand your vision better. You can explain what you expect, and we will make sure we understand it from your perspective. During the consultation, we don’t just focus on the kind of architectural design you want; we also look at the land you’re building on and other related factors.


Design development of custom home build

Design development is the second stage of our process, and it involves crafting a plan using more specific details. You still have a chance to make as many changes as you want at this phase before we finalize the drawings and other design specifics. We will double-check the measurements as well to ensure they are precise and work well together.The design development stage also gives you a chance to figure out exactly what you want. If you already have a vision of the kind of property you want, we will use that for the drawings. If not, we will show you our design catalogue so you can choose what you like most.


design plans of your future custom home build

At Crown Construction, we make sure we achieve perfection by giving you as many chances as possible to change your mind. We understand that the level of investment you put in a home means it has to be handled correctly. That is why we have the design planning phase. You will meet with the engineers, architects, and designers to check the designs we created in the last phase. Our experts will explain everything on paper and make sure you comprehend what each sign and drawing represent. We seek your approval on what we have put on paper before we proceed to make it happen on the land.


Commence of custom home build construction

The amount of work to be done on the construction phase differs depending on the type of project. However, regardless of what it is, we will make sure we handle it professionally and impressively. We will assign you a project manager to oversee the work and report accordingly. We realized that clients find it easier to remain part of the project when there is a single person they can approach. Our supervisors are as qualified as the rest of our team, so you can expect the best from them. They will make sure every part of the job is done correctly, starting with the demolitions, until the final touches.


Your custom home build project is completed

Our work doesn’t end when the last building material is put in place. We make sure we dispose of all the waste products and leave your site as clean as we found it. After this, the project manager will take you around to confirm that everything has been done to your perfection. We recommend that you have a professional inspector that will check the structural integrity and internal elements of the house as well. We can recommend one, or you can hire one yourself. If something doesn’t appeal to you, our friendly team will find a way to sort it out before leaving. We also issue labour warranties that serve as proof of the quality of our work. 


One of the advantages of having a custom-built property is that you get to make it as unique as possible to match your dreams. Given the kind of finances you have to spend before owning a home, customization is a great option. However, building such houses usually requires more contemplation to get right, and that is where Crown Constructions comes in. We are a company that has been building custom homes for a long time in different parts of Toronto, including Burlington. We work with different budgets and materials, so you can be sure your needs will be met when you work with us.

To us, being the best means communicating openly with the client and remaining as transparent as possible throughout the process. Our approach to custom builds involves breaking down the project into smaller sections that are easier to manage. The segregation also enables us to keep track of the expenditure to ensure we don’t go over budget. It also makes it easier for us to prove where your money was spent, which helps us maintain transparency and accountability.

We have a hand-picked team that will put their efforts together to complete the task at hand within the shortest time without reducing the quality. Our team knows how to infuse technology with traditional methods to get you state-of-the-art custom builds. With our equipment and knowledge, you can be sure you’ll get unmatched craftsmanship and customer service.

Our expert opinion will come in handy when you need to select the ideal materials and design plans for your custom build. We can help you in any way you want us to, and you can be sure we won’t steer you wrongly. You still get to have the final say in every decision we make regarding the project. The premium services we offer will be looked after by one of our supervisors. You won’t have to outsource the services of a project manager, which means there will be a seamless workflow, and you will have someone to help you with anything you need while the construction is underway.

The meticulous approach we take with custom building ensures we identify all the areas that are likely to be problematic before they worsen. We will use methods that are error-free because we don’t just focus on the immediate project. We aim to build a long-term relationship with our clients, which is why the first impression is very important to us. We don’t disappoint our clients.

Construction sites can be very dangerous when proper caution is not taken. At Crown Constructions, we understand this, which is why we have the most advanced equipment and training. We will also take care of the waste disposal as part of keeping you safe.

We believe that we can only help you achieve your dreams when we don’t bring in strangers in the middle of the project. As such, we only work with in-house professionals that we have carefully chosen to join our team. Every member we have is qualified to offer their respective services in Burlington.

Our engineers, plumbers, painters, and every other member of our team will handle all the work from framing to the insulation. We have been in this business for over ten years, which gives us the knowledge and experience to build the kind of home you have always wished of having. We will use high-end building supplies and finishes and create trend-setting designs that will remain impressive for years.


Home renovation is one of the best ways of transforming a house into a more usable space, but it can go wrong if you don’t hire the right company. The most important attributes to look for in a renovation company are trust and quality standards. With Crown Constructions, you will get both and many other positive attributes. Additionally, we prefer a hands-on approach with all projects we work on to ensure all the client’s wishes are executed in the best possible way.

Our home renovation services are available for both indoor and outdoor living spaces. We can give you any transformation you like, ranging from trimming to tile setting, even when you are on a budget. Having been in business for over a decade, we have mastered the art of strictly adhering to project schedules and budgets. We have also worked with different types of clients with various needs and financial capabilities. We make sure we understand what you intend to use the space for, before starting the renovation, for optimal results.

When renovating your property, we will go the extra mile and inspect the areas that the renovation doesn’t cover. We make sure there are no issues that could affect the structure of the property or the layout after we are done. When you hire us, you won’t have to worry about hidden problems remaining unrecognized.

Renovation services provided by Crown Constructions range from framing, foundation installation, interior decoration, exterior finishing, and many others. All these services are available during renovations of basements, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, or the whole house. Regardless of the renovation area, we will collaborate with you as you confirm that every phase is completed to your imagination.

We are a leading company in innovative and refined construction services, which include home renovations. We are the best company to call when you want to bring more life to your living spaces. We will make them more vibrant without taking away the usability aspects.

The endless creativity of our team is one of the factors that allow us to deliver superior services. From simple renovations that involve changing the layout of a room to complicated renovations that involve adding another usable space to the existing building, Crown Constructions has you covered. We make every renovation process as seamless and straightforward as possible to ensure you experience the exciting journey that renovations are supposed to be. We want you to be stress-free as you await the new building. We also won’t keep you second-guessing the progress we have made. You will be part of the renovation until it’s completed.

There are endless options with renovations, and we can help you achieve them. Whether you want to turn your basement into a family room, make your compact bathroom bigger or make your kitchen more appealing with new cabinetry, we are here for you. We are contractors you can depend on to follow the designs to the letter and keep the project within budget.

Design & Build services

One of the advantages of the design and build concept is having a single contract to cover the entire project. It makes the construction easier for the manager, and in case something goes wrong, you only have one company to deal with.

However, design and build can become disastrous if you end up with novice contractors that won’t give you the services you deserve. You need a reputable company with a proven track record in meeting clients’ expectations.

Crown Constructions has highly-trained specialists that will handle your project in a friendly but professional manner. Our team has mastery in different areas of the design and build process, but we know how to work together systematically to ensure your needs are met at the appropriate time. We don’t extend the construction time, and we try our best not to create a situation where you have to spend more money. The design and build contracts we issue are very detailed and informational. With us, there won’t be any misunderstandings or shortcomings.

The systematic approach we take with new design, build and construction is part of the reason we always succeed. We are methodical in how we handle every situation to ensure you get the exact property you visualized, and we avoid common problems with such projects. The step-by-step approach also ensures no bylaw is overlooked and that enough time is allocated to each phase.

We have endless ingenious design ideas that will be suitable for every space and architectural style. With us, there are no reservations about the kind of house you will get. We start the building process with pre-construction services that include planning the project phases and drawing design plans. We also give you a clear picture of what to expect by explaining how we intend to achieve every aspect of your vision. Once the construction starts, our team will coordinate accordingly to ensure the work transitions smoothly through the different phases.

Our company will come through for you whether you want consultation services, custom homes, or additions. We can also help you with budgeting for the project, all types of renovations, custom home features like cabinets, and plumbing and electrical work. Our ability to create the right strategies ensures we accomplish all tasks, however big or complicated they may be. We also analyze the available space and expectations of the clients carefully before starting the design process. This method helps us save a lot of time and resources that we can put into perfecting the construction and finishing.

With Crown Constructions in Burlington, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy looking for several contractors to transform your home. Our reliable services and service providers are available to provide all the answers you may need, including how to navigate permit procurement.

Our design and build projects also end when giving your approval. We guarantee your safety, the latest trends and styles in designs, and value for money. Call us!


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