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Crown Constructions is custom home builder in Richmond Hill and the GTA. Our mission is to provide exceptional service and build quality in all our projects. Whether it is a custom home construction, a full scale custom renovation, or a home addition, our goal is to exceed your expectations every time.

A Custom Home Builder in Richmond Hill With Your Interest in Mind

We are a leading company in the construction industry. Our ability to work as a cohesive team enables us to complete every project successfully regardless of the magnitude. We don't like repetitions because of how time-consuming and expensive they can be. That is why we always put more effort into doing it right the first time. We are also a company that believes in hearing the client. Respect is important to us, which is why we ask questions calmly and respectfully. We also give our clients the chance to ask as many questions as possible to gain clarity on what is to be done. Whether you've done a construction project before or not, our team will make you feel relaxed as we use our skills to get you the home you'll love for many years. Apart from construction, we also offer a wide range of services that include design plans and engineering.


We always try to get the stress out of construction and renovation projects in Richmond Hill, and part of that is being transparent with pricing and every other aspect of the project. We strive to minimize the unpleasant surprises, such as additional costs or missteps with the project phases. We give our clients free estimates and try to be upfront about what you can expect and the scope of the project we can handle within a specific period. During the consultation, which we must do before giving the estimate, we give clients the freedom to ask as many questions as possible about the current and any upcoming projects. We take our obligations to the clients very seriously. We never leave a job unfinished, and we give warranties as a sign of our quality standards. Crown Constructions also understands how stressful construction can be on your property, especially when you live there. As such, we keep you updated regularly on the progress through a project manager that we assign to monitor the job site. Our team has also been trained to handle each project with the same level of professionalism. We give each client the same attention, and we maintain the highest standards that we stake our reputation on.

Our array of services cover everything about new home construction or renovation. If you want to waterproof your basement, improve the insulation in your room, change the design and layout of your kitchen, or expand your bathroom, we are the company to call. Every job we take on doesn't involve outsourcing at any point. We only work with our team that we are sure are well trained and experienced to meet the standards we set. Every design/build or interior and exterior renovation project we do involves a comprehensive contract that ensures there are no misunderstandings between us. Feel free to contact us for more details about our services




Get the consultation for custom home build

An extensive consultation process is the first step to us working together. We will assess your property and the area you want to renovate or build on, as we define the factors that have to change in general. Although some contractors give online or phone consultations, we prefer the in-house option, which allows us to come up with accurate deductions about the project. Whether you want a renovation or a new build, we will come to the property and have a one-on-one consultation with you. You can explain to us what you visualize when you think of the new property, and we will think about how we can make it materialize.


Design development of custom home build

At this stage, we develop a plan that can make your vision a reality. The plan involves measurements that allow us to see how everything you want will fit into the available space. We will also come up with drawings to give you a clearer picture of how the features will be laid out, so you can determine whether it works for your vision or not. In most cases, we use designs that are already available in our portfolio, but if you prefer, we can create a completely new design that will meet your unique needs. Like every step in our process, the design development stage is about you. We are only there to guide you and capture your needs before we turn them into reality.


design plans of your future custom home build

The design planning phase allows us to identify errors in the design development phase and correct them. The meeting to discuss the design plans will be with our engineers, architects, and interior designer. We also prefer to have our project managers in every meeting because they will oversee the whole project, which means they need to know every aspect of the job in detail. Make sure you understand every detail on the paper, and if there’s anything you don’t like, speak up. After the corrections on paper, we will proceed to implement them.


Commence of custom home build construction

Our construction starts with the preparation of the site and ends with a clean-up of the same. We have demolition experts that can make sure only the necessary parts are worked on. We don’t recommend that you do the preparation yourself. You need knowledgeable personnel to keep the essential elements like electrical wire lines and plumbing pipes safe as they break down walls. We will minimize the damage to reduce costs and help you get the necessary permits and licenses before starting the construction. You can communicate with a project manager throughout the project, and they will inform you about any changes made to the schedule or plan.


Your custom home build project is completed

Once we put the last building features in place, the supervisor will walk you through the new property, so you can assess everything and determine whether it has been done to perfection. Feel free to point out anything that you think has not met your expectations, and well try to find an ideal solution. You can bring in a professional inspector to assess the work done and ascertain the safety level with the structural elements. Our work isn’t done until you confirm that your expectations have been met. We will give you a warranty before leaving, reassuring you that we will be there when you need us and that everything we’ve done will remain in perfect condition for a long time.


When building a new house or renovating the one you already have, you need a contractor that will understand the kind of investment you’re making and value it as much as you do. Crown Constructions treats all clients like family. We value your property and take a tailor-made approach that ensures you get the custom designs you deserve. We are dedicated to delivering exclusive services that begin with a keen understanding of your needs to differentiate them from other clients’. Once we identify the features and elements that make your needs unique, we will create custom design plans to match them.

One of our goals is to build custom homes for the future and not just the present. That is why we practice utmost caution with structural integrity and outward appearance. The homes we build have external wow-factors and strong foundations and framing that will keep them in perfect condition for the longest time. Our creative team also comes up with timeless design styles to match the customized approach.

We prefer to maintain control of the entire building process from the moment the idea is conceptualized to the final inspection. We will take care of supply purchase and labour as we use state-of-the-art tools and equipment. We source the building materials carefully from suppliers we have already built a good relationship with. We also encourage our teams to develop unique ideas while keeping up with the latest building regulations and codes. With us, your safety is guaranteed.

We aim to build the most desirable homes in Richmond Hill and its surroundings. That is why we assign a project manager that we trust to take charge of the project until completion. Our supervisors and managers are reputable and experienced to know how to handle each situation that arises to minimize damages and keep the schedule on track. We use innovative designs and styles to construct luxurious homes with the most competitive prices in the market.

We believe that the trick is in the details when it comes to custom homes. We pay full attention to the little details, from the dimensions to the moulding and crowning or other finishing touches. Working with our custom builders also means working with a group of knowledgeable people with a passion for making every space usable and stylish. We will make your home a masterpiece as we make them better for living and relaxation.

Crown Constructions creates a conducive environment for both the employees and clients. You can communicate with our appointed project manager at any time, and your concerns will be addressed promptly.

We encourage our clients to dream big and our designers to think-out-of-the-box. Share with us whatever you desire for your custom build, and we will find a way to make it happen, so long as it doesn’t take away the safety and usability of the house.

Our company has also invested in the latest construction equipment that is suitable for different aspects of the job. We have the right tools for heavy lifting, waste disposal, designing, painting, and every other job that will be done during design and construction. Our team also knows how to use the tools to implement the knowledge acquired in the industry during the decade we have been providing our services for the best results.

Whatever customization you need, whether it is updating your kitchen with custom cabinets or transforming your bathroom with custom lighting and electrical fixtures, we will make it happen. Our certified team is conversant with all styles, ranging from traditional, modern, or contemporary. We are best suited to give you the custom solutions you deserve.


No architectural, functional, or structural renovation is too big for us here at Crown Constructions. Our business is meant to help homeowners make the changes they want, to make the homes more accommodating and relaxing. We understand how renovations can become complicated if all the parts are not handled carefully. Our professionals understand what makes every renovation project unique and how to manoeuvre around them to make them successful. We have also done various types of renovations, which has equipped us with the skills to identify problematic areas and solve them as quickly as possible.

We follow all the renovation regulations as we create the best procedures for the job. We don’t skip any step, no matter how trivial it may seem, which ensures we accomplish the task in line with the highest quality standards. Like with new constructions, we will do renovations during the allowed working hours, but we still keep up with the project schedule and budget.

Our renovation services are meant to solve existing and impending problems and not create them. Be sure we will stay within the defined scope and avoid actions that could cause more damages. We never send unqualified personnel to a renovation site to avoid accidental damage, which can also be dangerous and costly. Reach out to our experts for interior and exterior renovations today.

We provide all services that can help you update your home however way you prefer. We can install new flooring in sections of the house or add a new floor with staircases. We also offer custom cabinetry and pantry installations, appliance installations, plumbing and electrical works, structural work, and tile setting, among others. Our interior renovations include bathroom, kitchen, basement, and living room renovations. Examples of our exterior renovations include building decks, landscaping, and renovating garages. When doing all this, we don’t ignore building guidelines to meet expectations. We start every renovation to make the space more liveable and comfortable. We will add all the amenities you want, so long as they are not prohibited by the Richmond Hill codes and regulations.

Some of the factors you can expect from our renovation services are:

Comprehensive services: We go all out for our clients because we believe that it affects the experience you get. By being as detailed as possible, we also increase customer satisfaction, which is another crucial factor to us.

In-house workers: We won’t sub-contract the work to another company, regardless of the scope. We create a schedule that allows us to complete the work at the appropriate timeline to avoid inconveniences. We also ensure we allocate enough time for the project depending on its magnitude, and we give you a contact person you can communicate with. 

Client control: Renovation projects can sometimes get too stressful, especially when you don’t know what’s going on and the level of progress the contractors have made. With Crown Constructions, you will get regular updates that will put your mind at ease.

 You’ll keep track of the budget, the schedule and make the necessary arrangements to start enjoying your revamped home.

Design & Build services

Designing and building homes require a high level of expertise that’s not usually easy to come by. You shouldn’t take chances with your property by hiring contractors you’re not sure about.

Crown Constructions has been providing design & build services in Toronto for more than ten years, which makes us one of the experienced companies you can call. Our desire to maintain a good reputation also ensures that we come through for our customers when you need us. We take charge of the project from beginning to end, which means you will only deal with one company, regardless of how big the project is.

We have a comprehensive team with different skills and understand how to put each of them together for premium results. We have contractors in all construction trades, engineers, draftsman, designers, and architects that are all licensed and insured. Despite the unique skillset of our members, we know how to put our strengths and weaknesses together for the benefit of the client.

We won’t compromise your investment or give you products you will regret having. We take pride in our work, and we want you to feel the same. To us, offering substandard results is not an option. From the material selection to the last accents, we will make sure you get the best. We understand how challenging turning what’s on paper into reality can be. That is why we give you the best contractors in the GTA region to make those designs into buildings.

We usually recommend that you picture the future changes you may undergo when designing and building a home. For instance, if you intend to have children in the future, the designs should include their needs and the needs of the rest of your family. We want you to have long-lasting homes that will keep you from having costly renovations in future. Let the seamless operation of our team get you the kind of designs and constructions you’ve always wanted.

Crown Constructions makes it possible for you to avoid the hassle of hiring designers and builders separately. We have already gone through the hiring process to ensure you only get the best service providers in Richmond Hill. We don’t take chances with our clients’ properties and neither should you. Our design and build team will take care of your property and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Some of the design and build services we offer include:

  • Construction management
  • Framing, footings, and foundation installations
  • Excavations
  • Drafting of design plans and drawings
  • Interior and exterior finishing and decorations

Richmond Hill has different rules governing different types of construction. We will help you understand the permits required and assist you in getting them. Our team is available to answer all your questions regarding the licenses and construction. We will avail any information you need regarding our company or the permit acquisition process. All you have to do is reach out. 


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