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    Design Build Construction – One Stop Shop

    Crown Construction is a design build construction company offering new home constructions and renovation services in Toronto and its environs. We are committed to providing exceptional personalized and quality service, working with us guarantees that you’ll have the best property for your budget and style preference. 

    From day one to the moment you enter your new house you will be working with the same team of professionals at Crown Construction, avoiding risks of miscommunication between parties throughout the whole project. Everyone on your project is using same tools and software, everyone is up to date with development and documentation, there is no lags in communication – saving your time and money while building beautiful and functional house for you. 

    Our skills and experience with design build construction ensure maximum cost-effectiveness and excellent craftsmanship during the building process. Contact us for a consultation and start your property investment journey.

    What is Design Build Construction?

    It is a streamlined project delivery model that unites builders and designers under one contract as opposed to the traditional method of hiring each separately. You basically combine interior design, project management and construction specialists in a single team that works towards bringing your vision to life. Design Build construction is what we do best at Crown Construction.

    Traditionally, each element of the construction plan was broken into separate tasks. Contractors and subcontractors would then be hired to complete each task. Hiring was done based on competitive bidding. The goal was to achieve cost savings in every phase of the project. The drawback is the approach creates a tangled web of miscommunication as well as complications that end up costing a client more money in the long run. It is for this reason that design-build contractors are more popular today.

    Steps of Design Build Construction Process

    At Crown Construction, we understand the importance of thorough planning. Thanks to our years of experience in the construction industry, we know that the decisions made in the initial stages of a construction project are the key to its success. Whether you are renovating an old building, investing in a new one or expanding your property, pre-construction services are the first steps of the overall planning, coordination and control of the construction project. We always go above and beyond to give you a clearer picture of what the job will look like and how we will achieve those goals.


    We are in the business of bringing our client’s vision to life. That is why the first thing we do is arrange a meeting with you to go over your project objectives. In the meeting, our goal is to get a clear idea of what a client is looking for on their upcoming project. We believe it is only by understanding your needs that we will be able to offer the most accurate estimates and relevant recommendations.

    Preliminary Budget Estimates

    Getting an idea of how much the project will cost will help with better planning. That is why we are happy to offer you an initial budget estimate after the first meeting. Needless to say, there are so many components that go into estimating a budget for a construction project. At Crown Construction, we go above and beyond to provide you with an accurate cost estimate based on the scope of work required.

    Acquiring Permits

    Building permits are required for new constructions and major renovations. Our pre-construction phase includes helping you acquire the right building permits. We are pleased to guide you through the process of applying for permits and making sure you apply for the proper permits that will be needed for the construction project. Moreover, we are happy to help with site plan approvals required for your project.

    Selection of Materials and Value Engineering

    One of the key things that affect the cost of construction is the cost of materials. If you are on a tight budget or need a solution that keeps the costs down, our team will help find the most cost-effective ideas as well as functional alternatives for specified materials. We will help you find other options that fit your budget, all without compromising design integrity and intent. 

    What we can do for you?

    Custom Homes

    We will work with you from the initial concept development of your custom home to the complete realization of your dream home.


    We major in all types of additions, from bungalow conversion to large scale additions. We work closely with you to optimize your existing space.


    We will update and add value to your home by transforming your bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms into something everyone will fall in love with.


    Our experienced design team will help you navigate the current design trends and help set your home apart with high-end finishes.

    General contracting

    The reason most projects never go according to plan is because clients juggle professionals from multiple construction companies. This often leads to miscommunication. When you choose Crown Construction, you will get a team that will handle everything from initial planning to project completion. Our full-service approach enables us to oversee projects from start to finish and work towards one clear goal. We have a diversely talented and experienced team. This makes it possible for us to streamline your project. Our in-house team covers everything from drywall and painting to mechanical. Working together as a unit enables us the flexibility and expertise to get the work done in a timely manner.

    Project management & consulting

    Our company was started with the goal of making it easier for clients to work with a construction company. We have achieved this by bringing together an in-house team of project managers and consultants that will guide you in every step of the process and oversee things like contractual management and logistical planning. The primary role of our project managers is to ensure the project heads in the right direction, it is on-schedule and remains on-budget. You will not get an easier experience completing your construction project in Toronto than with us. Your utmost satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority.


    Do you need custom woodwork designs? We’ve got you covered. We have our own dedicated millwork facility that enables us to offer you custom woodwork designs. Our exceptional craftsmanship is unparalleled by any other construction company in Canada. You can contact us for all manner of custom woodwork designs from windows and doors to cabinets, trims and custom furniture. Our sophisticated millwork equipment gives us the ability to create brand-bespoke focal points for just any environment. It doesn’t matter how complicated the custom designs you want are; we can bring your vision to life. All you need to do is reach out to us to discuss what we can do for you. 

    Integrated design

    At Crown Construction, our everyday goal is to bring your creative vision to life. We have been doing this for hundreds of clients across Toronto. Our team of design professionals will collaborate with you to first understand what you need and then conceptualize the perfect environment. Our work doesn’t stop there; we will guide you through the various stages of construction delivery to ensure it becomes a physical reality. Our team has helped homeowners as well as real estate firms transform their properties into magnificent works of art. Get in touch with us today, and let us build something that everyone will fall in love with. 

    Facility maintenance

    Our work does not end when the building is ready for occupation. Wear and tear is a menace that is hard to eliminate. You will also need facility upgrades now and then. That is why at Crown Construction, we provide ongoing facility maintenance support to commercial, industrial and institutional clients. Our services are meant to guarantee long-term quality as well as the operational efficiency of your buildings. Our facility maintenance services range from cleaning to preventative measures to equipment repairs. We work closely with you to keep your living space and infrastructure in perfect shape. We are also happy to work with your in-house operations and maintenance teams to create new maintenance processes and offer ongoing support.

    Modular & pre-construction

    The modular design has enabled us to deliver projects faster and affordably without compromising quality standards. By constructing streamlined components off-site, we are able to reduce the time and cost of projects significantly. Modular construction continually enables us to complete projects within nearly half the time while maintaining high-quality standards. With this approach, you will still get an exceptionally finished product, but at a fraction of the cost and time. Our team uses pre-construction techniques to speed up construction and mitigate risks such as local and weather disruptions. This approach still allows for limitless design possibilities. Get in touch with us today for a modular construction quote.

    We offer the following service


    We are willing to bring your vision to life. You can come to us if you want to freshen up your outdated kitchen or bathroom. We are also fully equipped to add extra living space for your growing family. Our design services guarantee that your space works for your needs. You can come to us for:
    • Consultation
    • Free estimates
    • Budgeting
    • Comprehensive design concept
    • Drawings and edits
    • Building permits


    At Crown Construction, we are committed to making sure that your project is completed on time and within your set budget. We take great pride in meeting and exceeding your expectations in every project we work on. Our services include the following:

    • Renovations
    • Additions – top-ups and extensions
    • Landscaping
    • Kitchen and bathrooms
    • Home efficiency features
    • Flooring and solid wood moldings
    • Interior and exterior finishes
    • Sheds, garage, decks and fences
    • Custom built-ins, shelves and cabinet
    • Subcontracted licensed professionals for HVAC, plumbing and electrical work
    • Excavation, underpinning and waterproofing

    Benefits of design build

    The main advantage of a design-build is that our team develops a feasible design that fits your budget. We will advise you on inventive ways to reduce construction costs without affecting the quality and outcome of the finished product. We have an incentive to maintain the design and construction costs within your budget.

    Another advantage is that everything will be done within a schedule. Unlike non-design builds where construction cannot start until finished drawings are completed and a bidder has been awarded, with design-builds the contractor is selected at the beginning and construction work is expedited. 

    We are here to save your time and money

    Design builds offer more than the convenience of streamlined project management. A design-build construction will provide significant cost savings as well as reduced timelines because the efficiencies are easier to achieve when a dedicated team is managing all the phases of the construction project.

    Another way in which a design-build approach saves time and money is by mitigating the risks. With traditional construction models, mistakes that are made by one contractor often lead to a domino effect of expensive and needless delays for everyone. Our design-build approach addresses all the challenges at the root. This guarantees a smooth process that allows us to complete the project on time, within budget and without compromising quality.

    Our Guarantee

    At Crown Construction, our agent will find the best and most profitable property based on your strategy and budget. Our design and construction team will plan and build the house based on analysis result and carefully chosen strategy to maximise the return on your investment.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We never leave until you are entirely satisfied with every aspect of the construction work.

    24 Hours Service

    Nights, weekends and even holidays, no matter the time, if you have an emergency, we are always available to help.

    The Best Materials

    All our materials are properly analyzed depending on your project requirements, site and weather conditions.


    With pre-construction consultation, construction management and general contracting, we are here to take your project to the next level.

    OTHER SERVICES we offer

    Market Analysis

    Market Analysis

    We do a market study and help you target the right neighbourhood based on your investment size and goals. Our team of realtors will assess the area demographic, amenities, school rating, tax, etc., to confirm the safety of the investment.

    Property Analysis

    Property Analysis

    We are contractors, and we know the house and property issues inside out. We walk the land/property and determine any issues that might increase the construction cost such as poor soil, property slope, water, and public sewer connection, etc.



    We have lenders and private alliances that are willing to help you provide the required construction fund. If you have a portion of the required capital, the rest can be financed through public and private lenders.



    We are proficient in construction, and we have the right crew and craftsman in our team to complete the project with the highest quality and minimum cost.

    Success and repeat

    Success and repeat

    We are on it together. We make long-lasting relationships with our investors, we do realize your success and profit is our success, so, we do every effort to make this a successful venture and experience that you wish to repeat.


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