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Our team of custom home renovation professionals in Toronto will handle all the work, regardless of how big or small the your project is – whether it’s a basement finishing, bathroom remodeling or kitchen makeover job.




Meet with our experienced team to review your home renovation needs. We want to understand your vision to bring your dream home to life. We gather the site information and project feasibility at this phase.


Design Development

We get into details! We draw space layout, architectural or interior drawing, interior and exterior fixtures. It’s ok if you’re not sure! Our team will guide you every step of the way.


Final Design Plans

Meet with the architect and/or interior designer to finalize and review your design drawings and plans. This will be the final stage of the design process and we want to make sure you love the finishing touches to your home.


Commence of Construction

Demolition has begun, final plans approved and permits acquired…now its time to build. Your Site Supervisor will be your main point of contact on updates to the home. He/she will also be the point person for all the trades entering your home.


Project Completion

Our Project Manager and Site Supervisor will walk you through the home to ensure you are satisfied with the renovation or remodel. You are free to inspect our quality of work until you are satisfied to sign-off on the project. We will then present you with a 2-year warranty on our craftsmanship.

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Basement renovation in Toronto can be complicated and overwhelming, there are a lot of things to be taken care of – electrical wiring, plumbing, insultation, flooring, interior design, maybe even city permits if it is a major change like adding a separate exit. With proper management, these should not a be a problem. Our company will manage the renovation project from the beginning to the end. 

Whether you want to turn your basement into a living room, bedroom or even media room, renovating your basement should be a very exciting project. We will help you to create a spaces which is designed to be aesthetically elegant, comfortable and functional and will stand the test of time. We challenge the design solutions to ensure your basement maximizes every opportunity and the investment you are making to achieve a home that you will be excited to live in.


At Crown Constructions, we understand how basement renovations can quickly become too extensive and costly. A lot can go wrong if not handled carefully. That is why we have a simple, but comprehensive process that ensures you get the transformation you want in your basement.

Our process begins with an assessment of the current space and determination of the changes that should be made. Our team will discuss your expectations and objectives about the renovation before giving you an estimate based on these.

Next, you will have a meeting with a manager who will be in charge of the basement renovation. You will discuss the project in more detail and come up with a schedule proposal. This step also includes more accurate calculations and pricing of each phase of the project.

The design comes next, with our skilled and creative team coming up with detailed drawings of the space. Precision and accuracy are our main goals here as we also come up with the deliverables and their timeliness.

The final step is turning your dream and the drawings into a reality. We will construct the basement cautiously to ensure the structural integrity of your house remains intact.


Whether you are planning a full bathroom renovation  in Toronto or a simple bathroom remodel professional team of home renovators at Crown Construction is at your service. With this, you can have specific changes made to the bathroom to change its appearance and improve its usability instead of knocking down walls. If you have limited funds but would still want to give your bathroom a fresh look, changing your vanities, shower heads, floors, toilet, or cabinets is a good idea. You could also have a new bathtub installed or refurbish the one you already have. Crown Construction is your ideal partner through all these. We work with clients with different financial capabilities and will do whatever it takes to ensure you get satisfactory results.

We have various bathroom design ideas for different preferences and needs. Whether you prefer to have a classic bathroom layout or a modern and deluxe bathroom, we will work with you. We can also create a blend of designs, which personalizes your bathroom space and makes it unlike any other. We achieve this by mixing up the design details and integrating various elements to make them your own. With us handling the renovation, you can have a sophisticated bathroom even if you decide to make standard changes only.

Our bathroom renovations are always done on the budget because we take time to plan efficiently. We choose the bathroom elements we use according to your plans, and goals. We will make your bathroom more usable and visually pleasant by adding more storage spaces and installing vanities.

Contact our team today, and we will come for an in-house consultation to discuss the renovation details.


If you are considering a kitchen renovation in Toronto, you should hire a company that understands how such renovations can impact your lifestyle. Crown Constructions can implement the improvements you need to accommodate your lifestyle comfortably.

Kitchen renovations usually involve great changes that include electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. In most cases, such renovations also involve the removal of walls to open up space and change the layout. A kitchen renovation can also be about improving the lighting fixtures or upgrading the appliances. No matter how minimal the changes may seem, they require meticulous planning.

The open plan kitchen concept is the most popular kitchen renovation idea. It usually involves the removal of walls and expansion of the kitchen to give it a better flow with the other areas of the house. With this plan, having a kitchen island is best. It gives you a large work surface and adds more value to your kitchen. You can also choose a closed-off kitchen with upgraded custom cabinetries and new appliances. We will make sure we give you the kitchen of your dreams regardless of the design you select.

If you want kitchen renovations on a budget, we recommend that you choose cheaper materials like laminate countertops instead of granite ones. If you prefer luxurious kitchen renovations, we can install wooden or granite countertops and choose high-end appliances and cabinetry. Either way, you can be sure you’ll get value for your money with us.


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