The team at Crown Constructions specializes in custom homes for Oakville residents. We are committed to high-quality projects and exceptional services to our clients. In all our services which range from custom home builder Toronto to custom whole house renovations and from custom kitchen renovations to waterproofing, customer satisfaction is our goal.

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At Crown Constructions, we are renowned custom home builders serving clients in Oakville and elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area. From renovations of basements and kitchens to adding second storeys to bungalows, we are focused on quality services and delivering value to our clients. We are professional Tarion registered builders and members of the Ontario Home Builders' Association. Our employees are experienced and undergo continuous training to keep up with the latest in custom home building. We have world-class customer support and maintain a clear communication channel throughout the project. We are open to your views during the project execution since we understand you may need modifications not originally foreseen. We are transparent, trustworthy, and reliable with a wide array of construction services.

Downtown Condo Renovation 2 When you come to Crown Constructions, we will first listen to your specific requirements and then delve into the precise details. Our creative team will take measurements of the space and draw the layout. We also have a big catalogue from which you can get inspiration for your design if you are unsure exactly what you want. We work with licensed engineers, architects, and interior designers for drawings that will be used to get the relevant permits. Our team will assist you to get the plans approved. Once this is done, we will do the demolition and then commence the construction. We will guide you on the best materials to use and the best suppliers for the same. You will have a dedicated supervisor for the project, and we will engage you throughout the project. We are a one-stop shop for all your design and building needs, with a well-trained team equipped with the necessary tools and equipment. This saves you money and time and offers convenience. All our services are competitively priced. We will give you a no-obligation estimate free of charge. Our work is guaranteed with a 2-year warranty, and we are dedicated to honesty, timely delivery, open communication, and quality.

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We offer a wide array of services for everything you need to complete your custom build home. We will do everything from drawing up the layout to coming up with architectural and interior designs, from following up with the permits to demolition, and from exterior to interior finishing. Some of the services we are known for are:

  • Basement renovations
  • Luxury kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Exterior renovations
  • Whole house renovations
  • Second storey addition
  • Building of new custom homes
  • Structural, underpinning & waterproofing

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At Crown Constructions, we start every project by listening to your particular requirements. Our team will help you analyze the cost/benefit of different options, and we will develop a “Needs, Wants and Wishes” worksheet, give you references, and walk you through the custom homes we’ve built from which you can get some ideas. We prefer that this consultative session be in-house, as it allows us to see exactly what you want. Based on this consultative session, we are then able to advise you if the project is feasible.

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The design development stage involves taking the necessary measurements and coming up with the layout drawings. We also go through architectural and interior, and exterior design drawings and try to see how they can be translated into your dream home. Since architects have been known to over-design, it is at this phase that we ensure that the home is designed to your budget. We have a big catalogue of complete homes that you can use to get ideas. We will guide you every step of the way since there are many decisions to be made.

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During this phase, we meet with the architect and the interior design team. We want to ensure that you are absolutely comfortable with the designs to reduce the chances of delays and expensive modifications. Our experts will take you through the drawings and plans and answer all your questions, so all teams are comfortable before the designs come to life.



The actual construction will only start if you are comfortable with the designs. Before work begins, we will take the plans and drawings to the local authorities for the necessary permits and approvals. The construction phase starts with demolition to pave the way for the renovation or addition. All the construction and demolition debris will be taken by a garbage disposal company. We will give you a dedicated supervisor to monitor all stages of the project and keep you updated. You can raise all your issues and concerns to the supervisor.



Once the exterior and the interior works are done and the debris has been taken away, the project manager and the supervisor will take you through the site for an inspection of the work. This visit allows you to confirm if you are satisfied or if there is anything that you would have changed. You can also bring in an independent inspector. We will only leave the property if you are happy with the work. We offer a 2-year warranty on the workmanship.


At Crown Constructions, we build custom homes for clients in Oakville and the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you are going for a full-house or partial renovation, or a home extension, you will benefit greatly from our more than 15 years of experience. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality custom homes within the stipulated timelines and budget. We value our customers, which is why we offer world-class customer service and have open communication channels through all stages of the project.

We are trustworthy and honest. We will guide you on the best suppliers. All the purchasing of finishing and construction materials is captured on detailed invoices. We break down the costs and have budgets for the different stages and components so you can easily follow what your money is doing. In addition, we will set timelines before the work starts, and you will have visibility of project scheduling.

We have a team of designers, engineers, architects, project managers, supervisors, and builders who work closely to ensure that your dreams come to life within the set timelines. Even as we work tirelessly to beat the timelines, we do not compromise on quality. This is why we can afford 2-year warranty on workmanship. As a custom design home builder, we understand that our customers have different financial capabilities. No matter your budget, we will have something for you.

If you care about leaving the world better than you found it, you are in the right hands with Crown Constructions. We believe in sustainable building and use sustainable and eco-friendly building materials, technologies and processes. We will assist you to get an environmental report should you need one, given that construction and demolition wastes continue to pose a serious problem to the environment.

We deploy a supervisor to every project we undertake. The supervisor is the eye of the company, ensuring that everything is done according to plan, including adherence to safety, quality workmanship, and timelines. The supervisor will update you on the progress regularly. You can raise your queries with the supervisor, and rest assured we will follow up.

We also assign a project manager to your project. The project manager will survey progress on a daily basis, and he/she will ensure that all that is needed to complete the project is available. The project manager will anticipate problems that may compromise timelines and quality and solve them before they manifest.

At Crown Constructions, we pay attention to detail. We work within the set regulations and only embark on construction once we get the relevant permits and plan approvals. Our goal is to please you, the client, by turning your dream into reality.

We never compromise on your safety and that of our contractors and other stakeholders. We use elevators to move heavy materials, and our contractors have the appropriate safety gear and proper equipment. We try to do most of the work during working hours for sufficient lighting. Construction and demolition debris is removed from the site as quickly as possible.

We are a full-service custom home building company – we do not outsource, and you need not hire another company for any work. This offers convenience and saves you time and money. We will do everything from design work to demolition, exterior to interior finishing, insulation to waterproofing, among others.

No matter how unique your custom home project is, the Crown Constructions team is here for you. We have the right team and equipment for the job.


Renovating your home allows you to have more space for your growing family, makes it more functional, allows you to fix water damage and other problems, and increases its resale value, among other benefits. Avoid the temptation of DIY home renovation as this is not only tedious but more complex than most people imagine. Given the cost of home renovation, you should go for a company that takes care of your hard-earned dollars and is willing to work on whichever budget you have without compromising on quality.

At Crown Constructions, we have been doing home renovations for over 10 years. We are licensed by the relevant authorities and belong to the Ontario Home Builders’ Association, which is a testament to our credibility and reliability. We start every project with an in-house consultative session so we can understand exactly what you require. We approach all our home renovations with the belief that every project is unique and requires a deep understanding for proper execution.

We pride ourselves on finishing projects within the stipulated timelines. Other than proper planning and continuous engagement with our clients, another reason we can achieve this feat is that our project management team is always on the lookout for potential problems, which they solve before they manifest. Common issues we solve proactively are electrical issues, foundation issues, contamination issues, insulation issues, and waterproofing.

We do a kitchen, bathroom, basement, whole house, and exterior renovations, including deck and patio additions. Our team has vast experience in changing staircases, plumbing, framing, roofing, drywall installation, installing electrical wiring, flooring, painting, and everything else needed to turn your dream into reality.

When you come to Crown Constructions, you are assured that the project will be completed in time, safely, within budget, and in adherence to all the codes. We do not outsource, meaning you will get all the information you need in one place and know exactly who to contact in case of any issue.

At Crown Constructions, we give comprehensive renovation services with world-class customer service in Oakville and the GTA. We know the only reason we have been around for over 15 years is our focus on client satisfaction. We take pride in seeing you smile and enjoying your newly renovated home.

Contact us anytime for a free, no-obligation quote and talk to one of our representatives.


Designing and building a custom house may be tedious but very fulfilling. A properly done custom home turns your dream into reality. At Crown Constructions, we have over 15 years of experience designing and building custom homes in Oakville and the GTA. Over the years, we have always maintained quality workmanship, professionalism, reliability, sustainable and eco-friendly building, timely completion of projects, competitive rates, and the highest levels of safety.

We have a big team comprising engineers, architects, project managers, supervisors, painters, electrical technicians, and plumbers, among others. Our team is highly skilled and undergoes regular training. The team collaborates closely to turn your dreams into reality and complete the project on budget, to the required quality standards, and on time.

We are committed to designing and building you a custom home that you and your family can be proud of for years, not one that will require repairs or remodelling a few years down the line. During the design phase, we will listen closely to you so we can capture your specific wishes. We will have an in-house consultative session for this. We will advise you on the feasibility of your ideas and take you through our extensive catalogue so you can get design ideas.

Local authorities responsible for enforcing the Ontario’s Building Code are responsible for issuing building permits. As part of the design-build process, we will assist you to get the relevant permits and plan approvals. After this, we will guide you on the best suppliers of long-lasting, stylish materials in the GTA and arrange for the relevant equipment.

We appreciate that you may have some suggestions even as the project is ongoing. The project manager and supervisor are available to listen to your suggestions and comments and keep you updated throughout the project. We endeavour to implement feasible modifications that are within budget, and that will not alter the timelines.

We work out-of-the-box since we understand no two clients have the same requirements. We are not limited by conventional designs. Give us any design that is structurally sound, safe, and functional, and we will implement it. We encourage our designers, architects, engineers, and contractors to be creative, come up with fresh ideas, and work closely with you for the best results.

We are a full-service design-build company, offering services ranging from permit procurement to excavation and exterior to interior finishing. We do not sub-contract, allowing for a seamless home design, saving you money, and allowing quicker turnaround time.

We do not do design and build of new homes only. We also design and build home additions such as second-storey additions and renovations such as turning a bathroom into a spa. The design phase begins way before construction and ends when you are satisfied. Contact us to start your journey towards turning your home into a dream haven.

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