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    Home Additions Mississauga

    Creating your dream home has never been easier with Crown Construction’s exceptional home addition Toronto and extension services in Mississauga and the GTA. Need more space? We have you covered, whether it be a second floor, an expanded front yard, or simply adding on some extra bedrooms and bathrooms – the experienced team at Crown Construction will work with you to ensure your project is done right. Our custom home builder experts are waiting to hear from you – book your free consultation now at 416-524-2766!


    At Crown Constructions, we offer home addition services with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. We are committed to providing quality workmanship and outstanding customer service on all our projects. All of our home additions come with a dedicated project manager who will oversee every step of the process, from design to completion. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in custom home-building solutions that are energy efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Here are some examples:

    • Elevate your bungalow to the next level with a stunning second-floor addition.
    • Larger, more spacious kitchen by adding onto or removing a wall to open up the space.
    • Expand your living space by adding more bedrooms or bathrooms with an addition to your home.
    • Transform the garage into your dream space with a luxurious master bedroom and spa-like bathroom!


    Downtown Condo Renovation 2

    Our company is committed to creating custom designs and sustainable homes, providing you with something your family can be proud of for many years. We excel in design by attentively listening to all your needs, while our construction projects are done with precision and close attention to every detail throughout the process. No matter what kind of project it is that we do - from building houses to smaller renovations - we will guarantee a level of excellence surpassing industry standards! Our expert team utilizes top-tier equipment and professional craftsmanship to build exterior and interior projects flawlessly. We have made it our mission to be a complete, one-stop shop for all design builds needs; construction services, innovative designs, engineering assistance, decorations - you name it!

    In addition to delivering high-quality results that exceed our clients' expectations, who depend on us daily, we can also help you secure the permits and plans necessary to begin your project immediately. We're devoted to providing our clients with the highest standard of work, along with unbeatable professionalism and advice when it comes to finding solutions. Additionally, we offer free quotes without any obligation or commitment from you; furthermore, all services rendered come complete with a guarantee, so you can be sure that your renovation project is in reliable hands! And not only do we take pride in offering quality service — but also fair pricing — making us an award-winning choice for your remodeling needs.

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    Our comprehensive services provide everything necessary to create a custom-built home from beginning to end, including locating the land, architectural and interior design, surveys, engineering, and construction of it all. We are devoted to supplying straightforward solutions for complex issues; that start with offering multiple services under one roof. Our services include, but are not limited to:

    • 5-star kitchen and basement renovations
    • Structural, underpinning, and waterproofing
    • Designs and new custom houses
    • Whole house renovations

    Our Home Addition process



    At Crown Constructions, we always begin our projects with a comprehensive consultation. Our skilled team will come to your property and conduct an in-depth assessment before discussing the elements you’d like us to change. This process enables us to gain insight into what you’re expecting from the project, as well as giving us valuable details about the site itself so that we can verify if it is possible for us take on this venture! We take pride in helping our clients uncover imaginative solutions. Our goal is to ensure every dream and ambition comes alive! To guarantee a successful venture from the get-go, during the consultation period, we listen carefully and ask relevant questions so that your plans, budgeting needs, and expectations are fully understood by us. We will also present you with a thorough overview of our services, along with setting realistic objectives for any project. Let’s create something special together as partners – one win-win at a time!


    Our team takes your renovation project seriously, so we construct a personalized plan tailored to you and the distinctive properties of your house. When it’s time for design development, that’s when all the particulars come into play. We want to make sure every detail is addressed in order to provide you with an extraordinary remodeling experience! We’ll take measurements of the area and make drawings to illustrate how it will all look together. To ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible, you can pick pre-existing designs from our catalog or create custom ones based on what exactly you have in mind. For those who are at a loss for ideas, we’ve got plenty of options available, so don’t worry – we’re here to help! To guarantee that you make the correct decision, our specialists will help guide you through the design selection process. Then, we’ll provide a detailed project plan that comprises your choices, ideas, color schemes, and visuals, so you have an excellent understanding of what’s ahead. We understand how important it is to get things right from the start; that’s why we make sure to take the time to listen and comprehend all of your needs.


    To guarantee that every detail is perfect, we will take an in-depth look at the initial plans. This means bringing the interior designer and architect together to go over all drawings & designs until they meet your needs. Before taking action and realizing these concepts, let’s ensure you’re satisfied with them on paper first for a flawless end result! Our state-of-the-art 3D renderings give you a crystal clear vision of what your remodel will look like, empowering you to make alterations before the project even begins. This is immensely helpful, as once construction starts, it can be cost and time prohibitive to modify anything. Our team members provide all the choices available so that you may explore them in full detail and compare different ideas – making this phase similar to an exclusive preview of how your home will appear upon completion.


    Once you sign off on the design plans, Crown Constructions will start the construction process by demolishing the renovation site. We understand that a home remodel can be disruptive and stressful – almost like an invasion! To reduce any inconvenience to your family, we guarantee to do our utmost to keep disruption at a minimum. We guarantee to obtain all necessary permits and secure approval of plans from local authorities, especially when your project involves significant modifications such as a home extension or entire house renovation. An experienced supervisor will be assigned to monitor the progress of this transformation, providing you with updates on a regular basis. If you have any concerns arising during the project, please do not hesitate to give feedback – our goal is for you to be fully satisfied with your home! To ensure safety, if needed, we will block off or construct a temporary wall in the work site. The supervisor can always answer inquiries and keep you informed on what’s happening. We want nothing more than for every customer’s needs and vision for their homes to be achieved!


    Once the project is over, you’ll be given a chance to review all of the work that was done. Our project supervisor and manager will walk you through everything step by step until your satisfaction is guaranteed. At Crown Constructions, we strive to go above and beyond for our clients in order to ensure they are delighted with each outcome! You are welcome to bring in an independent inspector for extra assurance. Our team of professionals will remain on the property until you are fully satisfied with our work. Additionally, we offer a 2-year warranty and invite any returns if something doesn’t look to your satisfaction. We want you to continue enjoying your new space without worries or problems; should anything arise after project completion, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Credibility, Refined Process,

    Quality Workmanship

    Types of Home Additions


    Rather than moving out of your beloved neighborhood, consider building up to add more living space. Not only will you remain in the same spot and continue enjoying everything it offers (such as warm sunlight or city proximity), but adding a second floor is also an easier option than expanding sideways. Building up always beats building out! If the area surrounding your house prevents you from extending outwards, then perhaps it’s time to consider going up. We have just the right solution for you: by opening up and redesigning the main floor of your home, we can help create an additional floor that boasts several bedrooms and bathrooms! Imagine waking each morning in a newly-renovated space with various rooms at your disposal – this could be more than just a dream come true. Boost your home’s value and unlock stunning views with an upward extension of your abode! Adding a second floor to your space has numerous financial and spatial benefits, offering you the perfect opportunity to appreciate both savings and comfort. Whether for leisure or resale purposes, this is one addition that will surely pay off in dividends.

    Home Extension

    If you’re out of options to create more living space in your home, extending it may be the best solution. Fortunately, Mississauga bylaws permit homeowners to build upon their existing homes within a certain height limit – meaning that they don’t need to renovate their entire house like when adding a second floor! Not only will expanding your property add much-needed extra square footage, but it will also increase its value significantly. When creating a home extension, it’s essential to consider the space you have available. While most homes offer usable areas in the back of the house for rear extensions, some may also present untouched land at either the front or side of your property. If you wish to retain a garden onsite, then expanding either forward or sideways is an excellent choice! Ultimately, when selecting a home expansion method that suits your needs best comes down to individual preference and convenience.

    Dormer Addition

    Adding a dormer to your house provides an economical and relatively simple home addition. Wiring and water supply may be necessary, but it won’t disrupt the existing structure. If you’re unsure if this is something that would work in your space or not, seek advice from Crown Constructions’ experts! The term ‘dormer’ comes from Latin roots meaning “place of sleep”, so relax – it’s meant to help make life comfortable for you! You don’t have to use a dormer just for sleeping space; now, you can convert it into whatever your heart desires. Converting an attic area at the top of the house usually involves creating a dormer, as its window lets in natural light that makes any room much brighter and spacious. If you’re looking for increased living space but lack exterior grounds or the budget to add another building element to your home, then going with a dormer is an excellent option!

    Required documents for your future home addition

    building permit icon

    Building permit

    Securing a building permit is the necessary authorization to initiate construction, including home expansions, demolitions, and reconstructions. Our engineer will assess your architectural designs before stamping them for the relevant permits. In Mississauga, all new builds or renovations must abide by the city's regulations in order to be authorized; additionally, they must guarantee safe living conditions once completed. Securing a building permit in Mississauga is quite simple and can be achieved within 15-20 days, depending on the size of your structure. As long as all relevant paperwork has been submitted and every requirement fulfilled, obtaining a permit poses no issue. However, suppose someone attempts to bypass this essential step by embarking on renovations without first procuring a permit. In that case, they risk facing an expensive penalty - 50% of the necessary fees or $200 (whichever amount is higher). This fee may seem hefty, but it's far better than dealing with preventable legal implications down the road. 

    plumbing and drain permit icon

    Plumbing and
    Drain Permit

    If your remodeling project entails repositioning any plumbing fixtures, you will need to obtain a plumbing and drainage permit. Considering that installing kitchens or bathrooms commonly necessitates this type of permit, it is important for our home addition experts in Mississauga to request the appropriate paperwork prior to beginning work. Thankfully, some modifications will not require extending pipes from an existing house or additional plumbing work. Prior to beginning any plumbing work, it is absolutely essential that you confirm the local permit regulations. Some of these tasks that may necessitate a plumbing license include re-pipes, replacements for drainpipes and water heaters, sewer replacement, and relocating existing components. Re-piping involves exchanging some or all parts of the water supply lines, which makes it an extensive job requiring professional expertise and experience. Getting a permit for any plumbing or sewer line work is essential to guarantee that safety regulations are being complied with. We can assist you in attaining the necessary permits if you plan to adjust your pipes .

    hvac permit icon

    HVAC permit

    By expanding your home, you must also modify and adjust the heating system accordingly. This could involve installing new radiators or ducts in newly added spaces as well as upgrading the furnace system or boiler. To make sure everything is up to standard, our mechanical engineer will provide stamped drawings of your HVAC plan indicating any heat loss calculations that need attention. Meticulously reviewing and preparing the documents that outline the mechanical system layout is a crucial step to obtaining an HVAC permit. These must include details such as type, size, and equipment location, duct design calculations, and heat loss & gain estimates. Taking this precautionary measure will ensure you avoid costly fines or extra expenditures in the future. To guarantee that your property is secure and structurally sound, as well as to make sure all appliances are running correctly and effectively, permits serve an essential purpose. Our team of professionals will help you identify if you need an HVAC permit and guide you through the process of obtaining it.

    plumbing and drain permit icon


    Mississauga is dedicated to upholding environmental sustainability and becoming an example for other cities striving toward energy efficiency. If you're retrofitting a preexisting property in Mississauga, the first step will be demolition. Unfortunately, demolishing older buildings frequently leads to hazardous substances escaping into the atmosphere; this includes insulation material behind walls, lead-laden paint and asbestos fibers. Prior to starting your renovation project, it may be essential for you to receive an environmental report. If specific substances are discovered in the laboratory tests during this process, remediation could be necessary before beginning demolition activities. Construction and demolition waste continues to cause severe ecological issues- generating pollution and consuming more energy than ever before. We will assist you in obtaining an environmental report if needed.

    Why Choose Us?

    Whether you’re looking to add a second story or an extension to your home, Crown Constructions is the go-to home renovation company in Mississauga for all of your needs. Our team of professionals provides tailored solutions and resources that are guaranteed to help you realize your vision. We specialize in renovating homes from top to bottom – no job too big or small! Let us turn your dream into reality with our comprehensive home renovation services. When you need construction or remodeling on your family residence, look no further than us! We know the importance of having an initial consultation to make sure we understand what you require from our services. Our team has earned a stellar reputation in Mississauga for offering custom-tailored home renovation options that are within everyone’s budget – ranging from affordable to luxurious! Contacting one of our specialists will provide you with all the necessary information and possible alternatives so that your specific needs can be accommodated. At Crown Constructions, we are proud to be supported by a team of highly qualified architects and engineers who will assess all structural work in detail and generate the correct drawings for obtaining permits.


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