Mistakes People Make with Custom Homes

Mistakes People Make with Custom Homes

A custom home is what you need when you want to transform your dream into a reality. However, the project has to be executed properly. When approached incorrectly, the process of building a custom home can turn into a nightmare. While this is unfortunate, it happens to so many people. Simple mistakes add up, and some have dire consequences than others. If you are intent on building a custom home in Canada, there are a couple of mistakes you must do your best to avoid.

Going for falsely priced estimates

There are so many players in the construction industry. To make ends meet or make a quick buck, some try to take corners in order to give the most competitive prices. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. You need to compare quotes from different builders to know the average cost of building your dream house. There are also a few things you can do in addition to trusting your gut:

  • Take time to question cheaper estimates. Ask for a price breakdown and keep in mind that the materials will cost what they cost, so if there is a significant difference, that is a red flag.
  • Only choose a company based on significant research and reviews or based on recommendations from trusted word-of-mouth.
  • Beware of common tricks. Don’t sign the dotted lines after simply being shown a cheap estimate.

Ignoring the building codes

The mistake many people make is that of failing to ensure the construction is up to code. This is more so when working with a certified and qualified contractor. Even when working with the best contractor in the business, you have to make sure that they stick to the laws of where you reside and are compliant with the building codes and ministry of labour guidelines. The right contractor will come with substance reports, first-aid packages, soil reports, permits, and more. Failing to adhere to the law will keep your project from completing successfully. The last thing you want is to have to demolish your property simply because your contractor did not follow the construction guidelines in your region.

Settling for handshake deals

In business, you must never settle for handshake deals. You have to document everything. You need records of everything from the initial visit to the planning and estimate stage. Taking notes of everything you discuss will keep you from a lot of trouble when the project kicks off. Reputable contractors will also document everything you discuss. It is also good to ask for plans, whether it is plumbing or electrical. This will enable you to document everything.


It doesn’t matter how appealing a deal is; you must always research everything. Due diligence is a must. Start by doing an in-depth investigation into the company’s reviews and social media. You also need to ask about the referral list of that company. It is not rare for big companies to portray themselves as top-tier companies online only to deliver questionable services. There are also so many fake companies out there. Always remember that some of the images used on their website are stock photos.

Timelines and payments

You must never sign anything without getting the necessary information in writing. This should include a concrete deadline date, the final payment and the type of payment plan. Without having these details in writing, the project may end up lasting way longer than it should. The case is the same if there is no written amount.

The design

You must hire a sensible and reputable architect or designer to help with the designs. It is easy to be caught up in your custom home and opt for things like extra washrooms and rooms. While adding these may appear like a great idea, it is not necessarily beneficial to your overall space. There is nothing worse than having a cramped home. Finding a creative designer to design everything will help end up with a smooth, flowing and functional living space.


Last but not least, you have to make sure that your contractor is enthusiastic about working on your project. If they are always unavailable and don’t seem interested in your project, you should probably find someone else. These are not the only mistakes you should avoid. Hiring the right builder will help you avoid these and more mistakes. If you are looking for the best contractor in Canada, Crown Constructions is your best bet. Give us a call to discuss more.