Use SEO to Help Your Construction Company Achieve More

Do you want your construction company to generate more leads with SEO? dNovo Group can help. Whenever people in your target market search for construction companies, your business should appear among the top results. This is only possible if you leverage an effective SEO strategy. This page takes a look at the top benefits of SEO for a construction business and what you can do to achieve more success.

Benefits of SEO in the Construction Industry

SEO involves several strategies which help your website rank high in search engine results. When your website appears on the first page of search results, it will have a higher chance of being clicked. This increases the amount of traffic your website gets. Here are the top benefits of SEO for a construction company.

  • Higher Rankings

Search engine optimization boosts your website’s rankings in search results for keywords or phrases related to construction. This is crucial because websites that rank in the top three spots of search results get over 50% of clicks. In addition, websites that rank higher are also considered to be more credible. SEO thus helps you establish your company as a leader in the construction field.

  • Increased awareness

When you have a higher ranking, more people will find your company and learn more about it. If visitors like what they see on your website, they will become customers or recommend you to a family member or friend. Word of mouth recommendation is valuable because people trust recommendations from the people they know more than brand advertisements. As a matter of fact, 80% of Americans look for recommendations before making a purchase.

  • More qualified leads

SEO enables you to reach people that are searching for the services or products that you offer. As a result, when you rank higher, you have a good chance of converting clicks into customers. Unlike traditional marketing, the ROI is much higher with SEO.

What You Need to Boost Your Ranking

Now that you understand the benefits of search engine optimization, it is time to learn how you can use it to achieve more success. A successful SEO strategy includes the following:

  • Keyword research

Search engines use keywords to understand what searchers are looking for. You should incorporate keywords your target audience is using to search for construction services. These keywords have to be on your website and on custom content that addresses topics that your target audience is interested in.

  • Custom content

Creating content that is unique, helpful and fresh is required in SEO. This is why your website needs a blog. The blog must be updated regularly with helpful information, industry news and the latest company news. Visual content like videos and images will also make your website more engaging.

  • Streamline the navigation of your website

Visitors must never have a hard time finding their way around your website.

  • Optimize your website for local search

Local SEO sends local traffic to your website. For this, you will need location keywords. Your business must also be registered on Google Maps.

  • Optimize for Mobile

Over 60% of searches are done on mobile devices.

At dNovo Group, we offer several custom SEO plans. Get in touch with us to find out how to take your construction company to the next level.